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About the MGA

The Onion Creek Club Men’s Golf Association has been a part of Onion Creek Club since its founding in 1974. The Association was established to foster a spirit of fellowship among its members and to encourage active participation in the game of golf and its related activities, keeping paramount the concept of enjoyment of the game. 

The MGA sponsors golf tournaments throughout the calendar year (click on Tournaments or Calendar of Events for a listing of events).  In addition to the MGA tournaments, the MGA has four (4) breakfast meetings each year and hosts the MGA Golf Ball Dinner Dance in January of each year.

Currently the MGA has over 240 members in good standing but we would love to have even more. Any man who is a golf member or husband of a golf member in good standing of Onion Creek Club is eligible for membership in the Onion Creek Club Men’s Golf Association. The current yearly dues are $50. 

If you would like additional information about the MGA, please contact Membership Committee chairman Jim Bushnell or any of the MGA officers listed below.


Contact Information

MGA President
Mike O'Brien

Vice President
Peter Viliesis

Brice Custers

DJ Jones

Jim Bushnell

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