Balance Workshop Tuesday, September 20, 2022



Balance Workshop for Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Balance Workshop

Tuesdays | Sept. 20th, Sept 27th & Oct 4th | 2:00pm | Fitness Center

Did you know that each year after the age of 50 we lose at least 1% of our ability to balance? 

After the age of 65, falls result in millions of ER visits each year, increasing the risk of injury or death.  

Join us to learn simple techniques to improve your balance & stability.

Learn how lower body strength plays an important part, and find out what you can do to increase leg and core strength by doing simple chair exercises.

We will work on balancing postures & moves you can easily do at home and even in front of the TV. 

$100 per person

The Balance Workshop includes:

(3) 1 hour sessions

Sept. 20th | Sept 27th | Oct 4th

Contact Pat Smith for more information or reserve your spot. | 512-627-1695 

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