Bullseyes & BBQ Wednesday, February 3, 2021



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Bullseyes & BBQ for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Mobile Escape Room Texas will be here at Onion Creek Club on Wednesday, 1/20 from 6-9pm to host AXE THROWING! There will be 3 lanes of fun and staff to show you how it?s done. Each lane will be available to 4 people for 1 hour. First come first serve, so signed up on the ForeTees App today!

If there is an empty lane and you?d like to sign up as a group greater that 4, please email Erin Hanson at erinhanson@onioncreekclub.com to get them added into your time slot. If you join a time that already has an existing person, then you will share that lane with them for the hour and can not add any additions to make it fair for all throwers. 

This event will include 1 hour of axe throwing, a delicious BBQ dinner AND live music by The Alibis.


Mesquite Angus Sliders, Shiner Onions

Elk Smoked Texas Franks, Horseradish Pickles 

Lamb Mini Gyros, Tejas Tzakiki Sauce

Applewood Chicken Mignon Skewers 

Chefs Lonestar Sweets


Please contact Erin Hanson in order to sign up for the NON-Axe Throwing portion of this event. If you'd like to attend the event, but not axe throw the event will be $25++.

*24 hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged for this event.*

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