The SHRED Challenge! 2021-01-25



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The SHRED Challenge! for 2021-01-25


The Shred Challenge is a 6-week body transformation contest that includes measurements such as weight loss, body fat percentage loss and inches lost. Each participant will be randomly placed on a team led by one of OCC's certified trainers, who is there to make sure you stay on track, rack up points and reach your goals. Not only will the Shred Challenge get you fit, but the CASH PRIZE is pretty awesome as well! 

**Important: Measurements will be taken in a discreet location and will NEVER be shared!

Who: Open to OCC Adult Members, $20 per person

What: Shred Team Challenge

When: January 25- March 6

Where: All weigh-ins will take place in Fitness Center Studio, 1 person at a time. 

How does your team win? 

Point System:

1 Point per sign-in at the Fitness Center

2 Points per sign-in at OCC Group Class

3 Points per pound lost

4 Points per inch lost

5 Points per body fat % lost


Your team splits the pot! More people, more money for the winners!

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